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Garden in completion with large aspen trees, perrenials, a stone patio with firepit and rock paths

A Wee Garden with it All

In June 2015, April and I purchased our first home in Central Oregon. The house was built on land once occupied by a farmer but had now been developed into a suburban neighborhood offering the American Dream to over 51 families. Like so many new housing developments, our vacant-lot-of-a-backyard was…

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Fall Gardening Checklist

This last Tuesday was the autumn equinox and the official first day of fall. The equinox is a special time as day and night, warmth and cold come into balance before the light gives way to the darkening days that take hold for the remainder of the year. As mornings…

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Stone wall and fern in Ireland

Pondering the Stone Walls of Ireland

In the fall of 2017 and 2019, April and I traveled to Ireland. Throughout both trips we found ourselves walking along ancient stone walls and agricultural fields. As an Irish-American who has tended land for most of his life and who has also spent considerable time exploring his family history,…

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Blue flax with bee how to plant wildflowers

How to Grow Wildflowers

Wild VS. Cultivated Wildflowers There is a misconception about growing wildflowers particularly in the arid lands of the American west. Oftentimes, I encounter new gardeners who hope they can just sprinkle seeds around their garden. And voilà! A meadow of color will spring up effortlessly. I think the idea comes…

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Hydrangea flower at the Butchart Gardens

A Visit to The Butchart Gardens

In the fall of 2014, April and I made a visit to Victoria, British Columbia also known as Canada’s “Garden City” on Vancouver Island. We woke up early to make a seven-hour drive to catch the ferry in Port Angeles, WA across the Strait of San Juan de Fuca. As the…

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