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The Basics of Apple Tree Pruning

Pruning a young or mature apple tree can seem daunting especially if you spend any time reading the countless books on the subject. As with all garden tasks, there are lots of nuances to fruit tree pruning that can be learned and mastered in time as you become a more…

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Winter outdoor porch planter design

DIY Winter Outdoor Planters

Are you looking for a fun and inexpensive way to spruce up your empty outdoor winter planters? Do you not want to fuss with watering containers of live plants through the holidays? Then try collecting evergreen boughs to make your own arrangements this year. As the hard frosts set in…

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how and when to harvest potatoes

Harvesting Potatoes

How do you know when to harvest potatoes in fall? Although you can harvest new potatoes a few weeks after the plants have flowered in late summer, spuds grown for winter storage should be harvested 2 to 3 weeks after the foliage has browned and died back to the ground…

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maple leaves in fall

Why do leaves change color in the fall?

The russet and golden colors of autumn are magnificent this time of year brightening our gardens one last time before winter takes hold. But why exactly do leaves change color? The short answer is we are witnessing the withdrawal of chlorophyll – the green pigment in leaves that facilitates photosynthesis…

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pumpkin potimarron winter squash

How to Harvest Squash

How do you know when to harvest your squash? Harvest time depends on which varieties you are growing and how you want to use them. For starters, summer and winter squash need to be harvested before the first hard frost as the cold will kill plants and damage fruit. Although…

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service berry in fall

Fall Gardening Checklist

This last Tuesday was the autumn equinox and the official first day of fall. The equinox is a special time as day and night, warmth and cold come into balance before the light gives way to the darkening days that take hold for the remainder of the year. As mornings…

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