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English Primrose

english primrose in pink
After a long grey winter, English primroses (Primula Vulgaris hybrids) of yellow, pink, red, purple or white flowers are such a cheerful and welcomed sight!

Don’t let their delicate flowers fool you though. Plants are extremely cold-hardy as the species hail from woodlands. In fact, their common name derives from Latin word “prima” meaning “first” and “rosa” meaning “rose” as they are often some of the first plants to bloom in early spring.

Being woodland plants, they do prefer a little shade and rich soil. Try planting them with pansies, crocus, snowdrops, and early daffodils to create a bouquet of color when nights can still be frosty and changes of snow linger.

On particularly warm days (when temperatures rise above 45 degrees) look for the first honey bees to emerge from their hives and visit your primroses! Their presences is a sure sign that spring is just around the corner!

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