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How to Plant Amaryllis Bulbs for the Holidays

How to plant amaryllis bulbs

Every year growing up my grandfather would plant amaryllis bulbs for the holidays.

I loved as a kid watching the long stem emerge from the bulb. It seemed to grow inches a day. Soon one-by-one 3 to 4 flower buds would emerge from the center of the foot and half tall stock. Each bud would swirl out from the center and point in a different direction. Finally, the buds would crack open and reveal 6-inch wide hibiscus-like flowers in hues of dark red, pink, and white. My grandfather past on a number of years ago but I continue to plant an amaryllis every year in his memory.

This year, it is ‘Apple blossom’ a soft pink and white variety.

For us gardeners, the plants provide growth and color now that the garden is largely dormant.

Amaryllis kits or individual bulbs can be purchased at nurseries and hardware stores this time of year.

To plant, place the bulb in good potting soil with the green growing tip pointing up and a portion of the bulb exposed above the surface of the soil. Place the pot in a warm room away from direct light and keep the soil consistently moist. As the stem grows and if it leans towards the light, turn the pot slightly each day. Use stakes or small stones to support the stem if it becomes too top-heavy.

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