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How to Plant Potatoes (step-by-step video)

Potatoes layed out for planting hexagonally with dark soil
How do you know when to plant your potatoes?

Spuds can be planted in spring once the soil can be worked. However, they won’t start growing until soil temperatures reach 45°.  A good soil thermometer works wonders in planning and timing potatoes and other vegetables in your garden! The soil should be rich, loose, weed and rock free.  To prepare for planting, I like to lightly till in a few inches of fresh compost.  It is good practice to purchase certified disease-free seed potatoes each year from your favorite seed company. This is because sprouted potatoes from the grocery store or the ones you saved from last year’s garden, may contain viral and fungal pathogens that you could introduce into your soil. We love to plant heirloom varieties as the diversity of colors, shapes, textures and flavors are astonishing.  This season, it is German Butterball for us! When you are ready to plant, here is a short video showing my techniques for our small garden.

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